Il progetto Cabiria

Cabiria (1914)

The music Manlio Mazza adapted and Ildebrando Pizzetti’s Sinfonia del fuoco in the Archive at the Museo Nazionale del Cinema


To compose the music for the epic Cabiria, in summer 1913 Gabriele d’Annunzio suggested to director Giovanni Pastrone to hire the famous Ildebrando Pizzetti. Rather perplexed from the start on the opportunity to compose film music, Pizzetti merely wrote the Sinfonia del fuoco and passed the torch on to Manlio Mazza. If, on one hand, we knew that the Archivio del Museo Nazionale del Cinema in Turin held the scores of the Sinfonia del fuoco by Pizzetti and of the film music Mazza compiled and adapted, on the other hand we knew nothing of the printed reduction for small orchestra (Turin, Itala Film) recovered during the project at the Biblioteca del Collegio San Giuseppe in Turin: a version which, edited by Marco Targa, was performed on 12th October 2013 in Jesi for the film screening at the Festival Pergolesi Spontini.

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