Il progetto Cabiria

Around Film Music

Photographs, posters and more

During the census activities, we have particularly focused on highlighting the materials which, even if they do not fall under the document types at the fore of the project (manuscript and printed film scores), turned out to be unknown or very little known to scholars: scripts (for example the one of La sirena del lago azzurro by Renzo Chiosso, 1920, recovered at the Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria in Turin), posters (the one of the film Scarpette rosse, The Red Shoes, by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, printed in Milan by Ind. Graf. N. Moneta in 1949 and held in the same library within Fondo di danza Gianni Secondo), photographs (the one of Quartetto Cine Corso in Vercelli) and more, which may prove of some interest for future research.