Il progetto Cabiria

Film Music Series

Film Music, “musica ad uso di cinematografi, caffè-chantant, stabilimenti balneari, soirées, ecc.”

The cinema music series listed in the course of this project are almost a hundred. Besides most famous titles released by such publishers as Choudens (Gaietyfilm, Mysticfilm, Cosmofilm, Tragicfilm, Dramafilm and Répertoire des cinémas), Schott (Domesticum-Film-Serie), Ricordi (Biblioteca Cinema), the “musica per orchestrina” series for the use of cinemas, cafés-chantants, seaside resorts and gathering places in general hold a great interest: a repertoire drawing from the transcription of opera and symphony pages, as well as from dance tunes, popular songs and original pieces composed by second-rate authors, and which in the early years of cinema fuelled the compositions suitable for film musical accompaniment.


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