Il progetto Cabiria

Il Risorgimento italiano (1910)

An Abruzzo-born musician emigrated to the United States and a descriptive fantasy «da eseguirsi con pitture cinematografiche»


Among the most interesting discoveries during the project we must mention the one of the manuscript score of Il Risorgimento italiano, «gran fantasia descrittiva da eseguirsi con pitture cinematografiche contemporaneamente ai fatti e musica di quei tempi del risveglio italico», held at the Biblioteca Reale in Turin, within the vast collection of encomiastic and commemorative music pages dedicated – for birthdays, births, wedding, commemorations and other events – to members of the House of Savoy from the mid-19th century to the 1920s. Dated 12th October 1910, this fantasy was composed by Lorenzo Pupillo (or Pupilla; 1854-1923), an Abruzzo-born musician emigrated to the United States, for the fiftieth anniversary of the proclamation of the Italian Unification and International Exhibition of Rome and Turin (1911), the artist dedicated to Victor Emmanuel III of Savoy.


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